Papemelroti Petunia Dolls

Introducing our NEW doll collection - the pretty Papemelroti Petunia Dolls!  

Original design by award winning graphic designer Robert Alejandro.  Each doll is so very pretty and they each have a personality all their own!  They are daintily dressed and coordinated with each other.  Collect them all!  Papemelroti Petunia Dolls!

They are so charming and they each have a personality all their own!


They're really close friends and they both are very fashionable and smart!  Alyssa is always good at what she puts her mind to.  She is prim and proper.   

She has a kind heart and compassionate soul.  She is an animal lover too!

She is really pretty and has a heart of gold!

Camille travels the world and she is a mover and shaker.  Sometimes her hair goes up in the wind cause she moves so fast!  

She loves to dance and wear her tutu.  She is graceful and sweet too!

Meet and greet all the pretty Petunia gals!

Which Petunia do you like best?


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