Portraits Project for Yolanda / Hainan Relief

Robert A. Alejandro, Papemelroti's award-winning graphic designer will do portraits for the highest bidders (may be given as gifts as well). At least 12 portraits shall be made. 100% of the revenues will go to victims of Yolanda / Haiyan. Winning bids will have to deposit to a BPI account in Manila. Winning bidders will have to send images (NOT smiling) to Robert Alejandro (through facebook account) as a basis for the portraits.

SEND BIDS to ROBERT ALEJANDRO facebook page or to robert.a.alejandro@gmail.com . End of bids will be end of November 2013.
Robert's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/kuya.robert

BE GENEROUS - the victims need all the help they can get. like and share all you want.
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