• Learn How to Grow a Home Garden Workshop

    Learn something new this 2019!Grow your own food!  Beautify your home and outdoor spaces!Use recycled materials and help the environment!Where do you get your vegetables & herbs?  Most people buy it from the market.  But even with a small space at home, you can grow some of your family’s food.  It will be natural, safe from harmful fertilizers and pesticides and absolutely fresh!  What’s more,...
  • Make DIY Earrings from Recycled Plastic Packaging

    papemelroti artist Calej shares her love for recy-crafting!  This time she is showing us how to make use of throwaway plastic packaging!They are fun to make and so easy to do!In just a few easy steps, you'll have some new accessories to wear!Find out how on Calej's blogToo busy to make your own earrings?Check out the newest earrings at papemelroti shops!
  • Easy Ways to Recycle Plastic Containers

    Recycling sure saves us a lot of money!  It helps our overworked planet to get rid of needless waste.  Picture our seas without a hint of trash, our waterways and our streets pristine and clean, helping us all to be stress-free!It starts with you and me! Let's help our country and our world have less trash and more treasures! Let's innovate and get creative!...
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