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Welcome merchants, dealers and prospective entrepreneurs in and outside the Philippines! Students, housewives, business owners... anyone can sell Papemelroti products! We look forward to doing business with you!

3 Easy Steps:

1. READ our Reseller Program and Terms and Conditions
2. REGISTER online and get approved!
3. BUY and get discounts on your first purchase!

Reseller Program
Find out how to get the highest discounts here
Terms and Conditions
Read important information for every reseller
How to Buy
Get to know the most convenient way to get your products
Frequently Asked Questions

Reseller Program

Regular Reseller

• Get 20% OFF on all regular papemelroti products
• Minimum purchase ₱1,500 per purchase
• Required purchase per year ₱15,000
• Free listing of stores with physical locations on our site

Premium Reseller

• Get 25% OFF on all regular papemelroti products
• Minimum purchase ₱2,500 per purchase
• Required purchase per year ₱30,000
• Free listing of stores with physical locations on our site

VIP Reseller

• Get 30% OFF on all regular papemelroti products
• Minimum purchase ₱3,000 per purchase
• Required purchase per year ₱50,000
• Free listing of stores with physical locations on our site
• Freebies and giveaways!

Terms and Conditions


Reseller discounts are for products purchased for RE-SALE purposes only.
Reseller discounts apply only to regular papemelroti products. Regular items are those we manufacture. Consigned items are not included.
Reseller information accounts and special discount codes are non-transferrable and may not be used by other than the approved reseller.
If you do not purchase products within a period of 1 year, you need to re-apply.


Reseller purchases and payments may be done online or at our main branch only. Items may be shipped or you may arrange for pickup of items (only for 3kg or above) at the nearest papemelroti store branch.


This is not required but we have a Recommended Minimum Order Quantity for the types of items you will buy:

1. Paper Products - 6 pcs. per SKU
2. Home and Desk - 3 pcs. per SKU
3. Jewelry and Accessories - 3 pcs. per SKU

You may order less than the listed amount but you can more accurately see how popular that product is if you order more than 1 pc.

We do not allow resellers to sell our items on Lazada and Shopee


To announce the arrival of papemelroti products at your shop, you may use our free downloadable BANNER images.Another plus for Resellers with brick and mortar shops, is that once you send us photos of our items at your shop, we can list your business on our site.


To establish your own shop's identity as a business and to build up your brand, you need to produce your own promotional images and material for sharing online.
Your customers want to know what you have in stock so once you purchase papemelroti items, that is the chance for you to post promo images of the New Arrivals!
Instead, we encourage you to post our approved banner images on this page to show that you sell our items. SEE IMAGES

You have now read our Terms and Conditions. You may now REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS HERE

You may also continue to read our HOW TO BUY section and the FAQs. Please save this page for easy reference in the future.

Failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions may result in termination of your Reseller privileges.

How to Buy

Once you get your REGISTRATION APPROVED e-mail from papemelroti, you can get avail of Wholesale Discount items!

1. SHOP ONLINE using your special Reseller Account and Code or visit the papemelroti Main Branch at 91 A. Roces Avenue to pick your products.
2. E-mail for special orders / requests or call the hotline to follow up your orders (+63) 919 563 5556
3. Walk-in to Korben store.

Shipping Information
Approximate Shipping Times:

Standard Shipping / Freight Collect - 2 to 5 business days
Express Shipping - 1 to 3 business days depending on your location.
In-Store Pick Up - 7 to 14 business days depending on delivery schedules that vary per branch.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:


Who can sell papemelroti products?

• Through the years, many of our customers have asked us how they can sell papemelroti products in bazaars, school fairs or to their schoolmates, officemates, neighbors and friends. Today, you too can start your own business and be a part of the papemelroti story! Anyone and everyone can sell our items - students, homemakers, business people, or part-time entrepreneurs who want to try selling our products in their area. If you do not have an existing shop / stall location, we require you to build an online site where you can advertise and sell the products. You may use free social networking platforms (ex. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to build your business. The page must be accessible to the general public (not exclusive to your contacts).

Can a Regular Reseller become a VIP Reseller and vice versa?

• Yes, your Reseller discounts will depend on the total amounts purchased as well as the total accumulated costs of purchases in the year.

Do you have display racks available for your product lines?

• We are in the process of developing papemelroti display racks. In the meantime, you may browse our baskets, boxes and shelves to help you with your shop displays.

Do you have cut-off dates?

Yes, we have a cut-off time for accepting new resellers. By November 1, we will stop processing new reseller registrations. We also suggestion that all resellers should start stocking up by October so as to have all the products available by Christmas.


Are all products available for wholesale?

• Not all items are available for wholesale but very few are not. The items that do not have discounts are the non-Papemelroti produced items such as books, Holy Land items and other consigned items.

 Can we order an assortment of products and not just 50 pcs. of each design/product?

• Yes you can get assorted items, they don't have to be 50 pcs. of the same item.

Is there an additional discount for bulk customized orders?

• Due to the custom design work needed for personalized items, please note that the price for customized giveaways with an order of 50 pcs or more will already include the wholesale discount - we cannot provide additional discounts. According to the due date, more service charges may even be added.

How long does it take to have products that are out of stock made?

• Button badges and magnets take only days to two weeks to produce. Home decor and accessories may take 2-3 weeks to produce. Paper products are not available for re-ordering if the design is not in stock. Certain handmade items need longer production times. Totally new products need at least 2 months to finalize the design before production can begin.

Can you choose the products for me?

• Yes you can give us your budget and customer type and we can suggest the most saleable, newest products for you and this will be subject to your approval before payment and shipping.

Do we have to sell the product at the same Papemelroti prices?

• You may decide to price the products according to what will be profitable for you as you will have your own overhead costs.

What if the price listed is not in our country's currency?

• For Resellers not based in the Philippines, we can convert the total cost into your own currency. You may also pay via Paypal so you can see the latest conversion rates.

Is the website price and product information updated regularly?

• Yes, but sometimes there is a delay due to the wide variety of products we have so it's best to place your order first and wait for our confirmation e-mail before making any payments.

Can we request for a catalog of your products?

• Our website serves as our online catalog. Due to the wide variety of items and rate of new items coming out every month, we cannot provide a complete catalog of our items.


How do you accept payments online?

• We accept payments via BPI or BDO bank transfers Paypal, Dragonpay or bank transfer for orders outside the Philippines. For ongoing Resellers, we suggest you enroll our account so you can pay us anytime online (24 hours) for succeeding orders. We will send you the items when your order is fully paid. You may also pay for the items only and use Freight Collect for faster processing and cheaper rates.

Can I pay for my wholesale purchase at the mall branches?

• We currently do not accept payments from Resellers at our branches.

Can we have a running account with papemelroti?

• Yes we do that for some of our wholesale buyers - they just let us know which products they like and we just deduct payments from their account with us.


Can I buy online and pickup items at a papemelroti branch?

• Yes we offer IN STORE PICKUP for bulk orders that weigh 3kg or more. You need to prearrange this with us.

How long does delivery normally take?

• Items in stock get shipped 2-5 days after payment. For PRE-ORDER products that still need to be manufactured, allow more time for production after payment.

How long does delivery normally take?

• Items in stock get shipped 2-5 days after payment. For PRE-ORDER products that still need to be manufactured, allow more time for production after payment.

What do you do about damaged deliveries? 

• We will accept returns only if merchandise is defective, and only with our prior authorization. Shortage/ damage claims are to be made within 3 days of receiving the merchandise

What if buyers are based in the Philippines?

• Reseller registration is centralized online whether you are based in the Philippines or abroad.


Can we use the name "papemelroti"? Can we put a sign of Papemelroti in our shop? How do we promote papemelroti products in our shop?

• Because the name "papemelroti" is a duly registered business name, it is not permissible to be used with other businesses. We can however provide signage or a banner image (for online) such as "Papemelroti products sold here" for your needs according to your specifications and requests and we will charge you simply for production costs. From paper signs to wooden, laminated, etc. 

BANNER IMAGES For your Reseller business, order these for your brick and mortar shop. Freely download these images for your online site! 

FACEBOOK Feature Images 

Gold Leaf A

Small Things A

 Paper A


INSTAGRAM Feature Images

 Gold Leaf B


Desk Fun

Paper B




 BANNERS for Store

Size 3 FT x 1.13 FT costs ₱159
Size 2 FT x 0.75 FT costs ₱69
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